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Inspiring smarter travel


The essence that lies at the heart of our business is the ambition to inspire smarter travel. We strive to provide better ways to make travel easier, faster and cheaper for everyone.

Moses celebrates diversity, stands up for the little guy and connects organisations with a shared vision. We are social, cost conscious and kind to our planet.


We refuse to let smart people travel in stupid ways. Take a different route and never be afraid to challenge popular perception.

We’re an odd lot aren’t we?

All wonderfully individual but often happy to trundle along and follow the crowd. Travel delays? OK, we’ll have ‘a moment’, gather ourselves and just wait in line... Why don’t we search out the alternatives?

Perhaps a taxi fare hurts your pocket... and that’s if you can get one when you are last in the queue. Or maybe it’s because there aren’t any viable alternatives at all.

Wrong. Moses is the cheaper and faster shared shuttle solution to and from your train/ plane journey.

Working closely with major travel operators, we take a proactive approach to ride sharing by focusing on disruption tracking and how this can translate into a more connected and seamless experience for the first and last mile of your train journey.

We identify fellow passengers that want to travel to the same end destination. We give you all the power to choose your onward journey as and when needed, most likely when you are already on trains and planes to wherever you are heading. By optimising shared travel in real time and by filling every taxi seat available we reduce congestion not to mention levels of stress.

Rise up and join the movement, turn your back on congestion and disruption, and say hello to the joy of seamless onward travel.

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Mayor of London
Department of Transport
Innovate UK
Transprt for Greater Manchester
Manchester Aiport Manchester Aiport
ScotRails ScotRails
National Rail

What people are saying about Moses...

“Moses are building a product that will transform the future of rail travel and provide immediate real benefits for passengers"
Jason Durk Innovation Manager, GTR
"Moses takes our passenger information system to a new level by making onward travel easier and cheaper for train passengers."
Matt Seaman CEO, GoMedia

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Edinburgh Glasgow Manchester London

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