Ride with us

Looking for an alternative means of travel?
Is your train cancelled or overcrowded?
Why not share the cost of an express shuttle service to your onward destination?

How it works

Moses has been likened to an on demand bus service with 'virtual bus stops' which we create when you book your ride. Using a series of algorithms, we match travellers who are travelling to similar destinations and offer them shared onward shuttle services . See how…

Locate We’ll track your current journey so your taxi is ready and waiting at your stop
DISCOVER Tell us where you are travelling to and we'll match you with fellow travellers
Match Join an existing shared ride or create your own and wait for others to join you
Confirmation Select a ride and provide your payment details. We will only charge you for your portion of the ride
Ride Once we have assigned a driver to your ride you will receive a text message with vehicle and driver contact details as well as a link to a live map so you can track your drivers progress
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Why ride with Moses?

How many times have you stood at a taxi rank and thought ‘I am sure these people are travelling to the same destination’ or have been standing on a train platform and received an announcement to say there are delays to your train service but no alternative option?

We provide a digital 'tap on the shoulder' which informs fellow travellers about your journey plans and invites them to join you by offering an on demand shared shuttle service.
Save money

Its cheaper - You only pay for your portion of the ride and as more people join the ride, it gets even cheaper!

Fastest routes

Its direct - we offer an express service to a single location which is within walking distance (5-7min) of your final destination - similar to a virtual bus stop.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind - If you book your onward journey whilst on public transit, we will monitor your current transport for any delays and update your shuttle booking automatically

Just in time scheduler

We have partnered with the best ride hailing companies in the industry which ensures we are able to offer the best price and availability


Your safety is a key concern and we take various measures to keep you safe by verifying users and providing the opportunity to rate fellow passengers


We use the excess capacity that already exists in private hire vehicles on the road to reduce the total number of vehicles travelling from A to B