A better way of travelling
to or from the train station each day

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*Based on full cost of £4.20 incl VAT per journey and limited to initial 40 subscriptions when App launches towards the end of November 2019
Save money

Avoid unnecessary station parking and ditch your second vehicle?

Peace of mind

Our rides are scheduled according to arrival and depature of the trains.

Regain your time

Leave the house slightly later, use your travel time to catch up on emails or news, and walk straight into the station.


A real opportunity to reduce congestion and C02 in your community by supporting a sustainable commute.

Create your commute

Tell us where you live and what station you catch your train from


Choose your seat

We'll match you with existing riders who want to catch the same train

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We'll drive you to the station in the morning and get you home in the evening - no more anxiety about parking at the station or unnecessary car park charges - you can even ditch your 2nd car now!


What people are saying about Moses...

“Great service. A simple sign up process and easy to use… no more station parking for me“
“Punctual and comfortable“
“Lets be honest… its not quite the same as driving my own car but I really do feel like I’m doing my bit for the environment…“

Whats next?

We'll email you once the App is ready to download. You can then sign up and start using the service from 01 December.

Tell your friends and neighbours about our service and receive further discounts on your weekly commute. You'll receive a referral code once you've registered - share the link with your friends and when they sign up you'll both receive £21 credit towards your next week subscription.


The app will be available to download on iOS and Google Play store from 01 December 2019. For early access register now.

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Our Clients

Mayor of London
Department of Transport
Innovate UK
Transprt for Greater Manchester
Manchester Aiport Manchester Aiport
ScotRails ScotRails
National Rail